Essentials: “Noise” – Kaelin Ellis

Kaelin Ellis’ new single “Noise” is a warm, inviting slice of modern funk. The latest single from the multi-platinum selling producer, who has worked with the likes of Kaytranada and Lupe Fiasco in the past, is the exact type of hip-hip/funk fusion perfect for the summer.  Made for The Heist, a collaborative compilation between record labels Good Society and Retro Jungle Records, “Noise” slots seamlessly into the track-list. The song itself is an incredibly smooth listen. Opening with a burst of warm energy, it pairs glitzy keys with a groovy bass line and slick guitar chords, all held together by some incredibly tight drumming. It’s only a short track but it makes excellent use of every second of its time, pulling the listener into a beat so addictive it begs to be played on repeat. “Noise” is an exciting signal of more to come from the Florida producer, so make sure to keep your eye on what he has coming next.

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