Essentials: “Deep In The Sea” – RamonPang

“Deep In The Sea”, the latest track from electronic rising star RamonPang, is an eclectic ode to the ocean. Serving as the final single before the release of his debut full-length album Nature System, “Deep In The Sea” meshes aquatic inspirations with RamonPang’s signature blend of acid basslines, glitchy synths and glistening harps to create an enthralling underwater soundscape. Based around a core motif of synths imitating bubbles, rushing water and other ocean motifs, the track segues seamlessly between ideas. The frenzied energy of the track carries the listener through the journey. In the final minute, the beat switches, chopping the underwater motif at the root of the song into a bouncy, analog synth driven groove. It’s a move that RamonPang himself describes as “one of my favorite things I’ve ever done.” You can tell he’s had fun with the track and it’s a definite pulse raiser, one that only builds more hype for his forthcoming debut album.

Listen to “Deep In The Sea” on your preferred streaming platform, and follow RamonPang on Twitter.

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