Essentials: “Left Behind” – Wave Racer

You might know Wave Racer for his effusive, technicolor sound, but on “Left Behind,” the Aussie producer reveals a deeper and more sensitive side to his work. When writing “Left Behind,” Wave Racer shares that “I was forced into a major identity transformation very rapidly and the song describes that experience and the unhealthy coping mechanisms associated with it. I wanted the lyrics to be as honest and self-aware as possible, and sonically I think I managed to capture the sense of feverish anxiety and uncertainty that many of us probably feel during transformative times.” Debuting his own vocals on the track, Wave Racer blends the brightness of pop with heartfelt, complex lyrics. You can hear more from Wave Racer soon—he’s playing Porter Robinson‘s Secret Sky festival on April 24th.

Stream “Left Behind” on Spotify, and follow Wave Racer on Twitter.

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