Premiere: P3PPER Debuts “day + night” and Shares Inspiration Behind The Track

South Korean producer P3PPER‘s new single, “day + night,” is out now on Capshun’s Bonsai Collective record label. I talked with P3PPER about the inspiration behind the song, and the reason he started producing music.

Tell me more about you and your music. 

I’m from Seoul, South Korea and I make music that I like. I always try to show my unique and special colors in music. Usually, I make tracks that have chill and lounge vibes so I care about the texture of ambiance and synths pretty much.

What made you interested in making music? 

I’m very interested in exploring sounds. Even when I’m not writing a song, I edit samples and make sounds with synths. That’s the most exciting thing about making music and why I make electronic music. Even before making music, I listened to textures carefully, so artists such as Mura Masa, and Hudmo, who perfectly deal with the sensitivity of sounds based on beat music, gave a huge impact on me. They always inspire me with new and unexpected sounds.

How did “day + night” come together? 

I often listened to the music of the Bonsai Collective and got various inspiration. So I felt that I want to make such a cool style of future beats, too. “day + night” is a track started from simple ideas. I intended to create a unique feel using the vox with granule synths instead of the cliché saw chord synths.

Also, I wanted to put both the calmness of the ‘day’ and the energy of the ‘night’ on the track. That’s why I decided the track’s name “day + night”.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

When I first started producing, I thought that there should be a lot of great elements to make a good track. So I just put in a lot of stuff that I think sounds cool. And almost always they messed up in the end. 

But what I heard from my friend proxy was impressive to me. He pointed out he put only necessary things when he makes tracks. He said that everything in the track should have its own role. And that became a key advice in my production. 

So, I think it is really important to choose the main character in the track. Speaking of other things, it is better to focus on decorating the main theme. This enhances the transmission and storytelling of music. I always think about these things, when I write a song.

Where can we hear from you? 

On my Instagram and Twitter!

Follow P3PPER on Spotify, and follow Bonsai Collective on Twitter.

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