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Saint Audio Mixes #038: Pozy

Pozy returns to Saint Audio to deliver a mainstage-ready set in our newest guest mix. Read on for our conversation about the mix.

Hey Pozy! Tell us a little more about you. 

Hi everyone, my name is Ian but you can call me Pozy. Born and raised in San Diego, currently living in Portland, Oregon. I’ve always had music surrounding me. Growing up, my dad and I would play guitar and piano together. I played instruments like trumpet and bass. I was a die hard pop punk fan (still am at heart) but it wasn’t until I was introduced to the Ed Banger crew that I decided to start producing electronic music. In 2007 I was blown away by Justice, Sebastian, Boys Noize and of course Daft Punk. The rest, you say, is history. Here I am almost 15 years later and learning something new every day.

What’s the inspiration for this mix? 

Oh man, an amalgamation of everything. You’ll hear edits that I made or that I’ve found, as well as unreleased remixes. There is lots of fun stuff in this mix including my remix of “Thin Sand” by RamonPang, a track by Eauki (my favorite up and coming producer), a remix by Mike Snatchers who I absolutely love as a friend, producer, and fellow PNWer, and an unreleased ID I just finished with Left Unsaid.

How do you approach the creative process? 

I hate to sound cliché, but I don’t really ever set out to “make” a certain type of music or put myself in a bubble. It all depends on my mood. I grew up listening to tons and tons of music. If I feel that sometimes I’m sad I make sad music. A smart man once told me, “Your vibe brings your tribe.” So I aim to make music I like listening to, and if other people like it too, then that’s a bonus! 

What should we expect from you this year? 

First and foremost I want to shout out Chat in the Chat and Baauer. I appreciate the space Baauer created with his twitch stream and I made a lot of great friends during quarantine. I have a bunch of fun collabs coming up with VincebyVince, Kyyhkyy, Left Unsaid and more. I’m releasing new edits here and there PLUS a single that stemmed from Baauer’s Bop Battle called “Emotion.” I’m continually working on new tracks and edits so expect to hear from Pozy more this year! 

Where can we hear from you? 

Soundcloud, Twitter, and Baauer’s Discord, haha.

Photo by @shireenjasminaphoto

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