Essentials: “JustSurviveSomehow” – AFTERMYFALL

“JustSurviveSomehow,” the latest single from up and coming metalcore artist AFTERMYFALL, is a harrowing look at the hardships the artist has faced. His lyrics paint a vivid picture of his struggles and the weight of the emotions he bore at his lowest. In his own words, the song is “a credo of personal growth, meant to help others keep fighting through the tough times.” It brings an emotional weight to an already great track from one of the metal genre’s most promising talents.

A major highlight of the track is how well produced it is, yet it never lacks the unrelenting pace and raw energy of classic hardcore. The guitars are sleek but still heavy and distorted so it never feels overly sanitised despite how well its produced. The song is mixed impeccably so all the elements fit really well together. The intro and outro bring an unsettling tone to the track that makes it more than just your standard hardcore song. The bass bubbling under the piano melody has an eerie and sinister quality and helped to set the tone. This is matched by the music video, which showcases AFTERMYFALL’s D.I.Y spirit. Putting it all together makes a song that showcases AFTERMYFALL’s signature blend of hardcore, metalcore and electronic at its rampant best.

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