Premiere: “Aventura” – Alma Grace

Alma Grace is a Mexican-American artist exploring her multicultural and bilingual background in her newest single, “Aventura”. The song is the latest track from her upcoming EP, Frida, set to release in early May. The EP is a journey through Grace’s life through the eyes of Frida Kahlo, and “Aventura” is a key piece of the story.

I loved the double meaning of the word “aventura”—it simultaneously means adventure and affair, and Frida certainly had her fill of both,” Grace writes. “Frida is rumored to have had affairs with everyone from Leon Trotsky to Georgia O’Keeffe. She lived her life loving whoever she wanted to love—a courageous philosophy for a woman in the early 1900s and in the modern day.”

The 21 year old singer is creating waves in the world of social justice as well. From her recent release of bisexual feminist anthem “Girl Fight” to her work defending immigrants facing deportation, Alma Grace is making sure that her much-needed voice is heard.

Listen to “Aventura” on Spotify, and keep up with Alma Grace.

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