Essentials: Vacation EP – Foley

It’s been a long time since I wanted to dance, but Foley’s new EP Vacation brings me a joy few other tracks have in the pandemic year. Every single song on this EP pops with confidence and creativity. It’s as enlivening as it is refreshing, and I am so excited to have discovered this New Zealand-based pop duo.

The energetic “Keep Me on My Toes” opens the EP with a retro vibe and quick vocals. True to its name, the song quickly grabs a listener’s attention with its energy. Early on, it establishes a vibe that is danceable and peppy. But this is more than just another pop album. “Vacation” still boasts a unique sound that feels distinctly modern and fresh. “Anything Before You” has an infectious chorus rolls easily into memory. But it’s “Better Than Love” that stands out here as dreamy, romantic and honest with beautiful piano riffs and tranquil synth that seems to strive for an ideal. The EP skillfully follows that up with “Rendezvous,” a track that brings in a wonderful steady beat that easily brings listeners to a move vibrant and fun environment. The EP rounds out with  “So Personal” which nicely balances the introspection and more pop aspects of the EP.

This is without a doubt one of the strongest EPs I’ve seen in 2021 so far. Melodically and rhythmically mature while still lyrically fresh, Foley has put together an EP in which each song is strong on its one and where the collection is cohesive and collective. For anyone looking for a way to escape the COVID blues, I highly recommend checking out this latest release from Foley.

Foley, comprised of Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett, are known for their honest and emotionally authentic sound. With their debut EP On My Conscience reaching #10 on the New Zealand record chart in 2020, this new EP continues to grow their unique pop voice. They are embarking on a mini New Zealand tour for Vacation, but I personally cannot wait for Foley to reach a global stage.

Vacation is out now on Spotify and wherever you stream your music. Make sure to give it a listen—we all need a little vacation.

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