Essentials: “Catch My Breath” – N3WPORT

N3WPORT is once again adding to his exciting EP, Catch My Breath. In addition to the previously released “Catch My Breath” and “Reload,” he has released “Dark Eyes,” a haunting track featuring braev.

Catch My Breath is a beautiful study in the way music is able to capture the imagination and shift effortlessly with mood. The EP opens with an “Intro” that beckons us with the sounds of soft piano and instrumental synth against the backdrop of gentle rainfall that crescendos into a compelling synth beat. This in turn moves seamlessly into the first track, the titular “Catch My Breath,” featuring Leila Pari. At nearly four minutes in length, “Catch My Breath” leans into repetition as a way of getting lost in the woods—a theme evoked on the track’s artwork. “Reload,” the third track on the EP, feels the most classically EDM with its upbeat aesthetic.

But “Dark Eyes” resets by opening with an eerie sound that carries through the entire track. It is as though we are back in the forest, but in the time that past, the forest has grown darker and more pensive. While the lyrics similarly evoke darker themes, there is a softness to “Dark Eyes” that draws listeners in with its mystery. While the EP began with something commonplace—rain—“Dark Eyes” leads us to question if we are ending somewhere familiar, or perhaps in the presence of magic.

N3WPORT is a bass artist and producer based in Washington, DC. In addition to his own work, he has contributed to the official remixes for Judah and The Lion, as well as WE ARE FURY. With over 20 million streams on Spotify, you’ll want to ensure you check out N3WPORT and his EP Catch My Breath, in which each track transports listeners to a world completely their own.

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