Essentials: “Oh! Southern Wind” – JINTANA & EMERALDS

Journey to a place that lies between memory and fantasy in “Oh! Southern Wind,” Jintana & Emeralds‘ first single after a seven-year hiatus. Inspired by the retro harmonies of The Diamonds and The Ronettes, the Japanese six-piece explores a sound that effortlessly floats between dreamy bedroom pop and nostalgic doo-wop.

Band members Jintana Emeralds, Kashif Emeralds, Xtal Emeralds, Toi Emeralds, Cao Emeralds, and Mami Emeralds united in 2011 over their love of ambient and vintage sounds. Jintana & Emeralds’ debut album Destiny earned the title of “Best J-POP Album 2014” in Japan’s prestigious Music Magazine. Following the critically lauded album, the band separated to focus on their own solo artistic projejcts.

However, the band reunited in 2020, citing the need to come together and create beautiful harmonies in such an uncertain and divisive time. Their upcoming album Emerald City Guide is a bold exploration into their evocative project, detailing an ideal universe framed in the memory of the American Dream. Although Jintana & Emeralds paint a picture of simpler times, the lyrics of “Oh! Southern Wind” share similarities with our modern world —lead vocalist Toi Emeralds sings of a lover they can’t meet with, a problem many people currently face during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listen to “Oh! Southern Wind” on your favorite streaming service, and follow Jintana & Emeralds on Spotify.

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