Essentials: “Sex.mp3 (demo 003)” – Wiley from Atlanta

The new demo from Wiley from Atlanta offers much of what was loved and is still loved about his debut album Blue Don’t Make Me Cry (which recently hit 1,000,000 streams.) That includes the East Atlanta based singer/songwriter/rapper’s gruff vocal tone and taste for lyricism.

Rotten to the core / How I spoil you,” Wiley from Atlanta admits, sounding pained to do so.

Yet, on this demo, Wiley from Atlanta takes his vocal to new heights from 1:44 to 1:45, where he sings, “I need some lovin’.” You’ve never heard the artist do that with his voice before, and that’s why this demo is so essential to Saint Audio and hopefully to you too. It leaves nothing in the studio. It puts everything in the song.

Towards the end of the song, Wiley’s either hallucinating or daydreaming. The production’s intoxicating and rhythmic enough that you can’t blame him. He starts having vision of a daughter, and hopes his brother can give her cousins. It’s enough of a happily married lyrical and melodic sentiment to send chills running down this writer’s spine.

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