Essentials: “Carry On (feat. Paperwhite)” – Slow Magic

Slow Magic has turned out consistent and compelling EDM since I first heard them. Their new single, “Carry On (featuring Paperwhite),” is no exception.

“Carry On” is the first single to drop from it’s the end of the world, but it’s ok, Slow Magic’s upcoming album. cheery and part an acknowledgement of trying times, “Carry On” is unapologetically optimistic: dance music with a purpose.

Steady and slow, the lyrics of “Carry On” accept certain recent realities. But “Even if the hope is gone/we carry on” is the clear theme here as Slow Magic’s easy beats and infectious synth reminds us that “we are here/we still belong.” While I look forward to the time we can once again dance together to beats from artists like Slow Magic, “Carry On” encourages listeners in the meantime. It is both a reaffirmation of truth and a boost of hope.

Known for ethereal sounds, Slow Magic has amassed 200 million streams and performed at Coachella to great success. In addition to touring with others, he recently headlined his own European tour.

“Carry On” is available now on your favorite streaming service. Be sure to give it a listen!

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