Essentials: “Livin Like Sosa” – RobOlu

What can be said about the new song and video from rapper RobOlu “Livin Like Sosa” other than than it absolutely slaps? The mix is crisp as the fall weather, the vocal is as impassioned as a shaky couple arguing in a noisy nightclub and the beat is as starkly menacing as your oddball 19-year-old-cousin who takes Halloween a bit too seriously.

In the bar “I’m gettin W, W, W / WorldwideRobOlu references the www. that prefaces any URL. There’s a Wu-Tang shout-out that is bound to earn him some head nods from some of the OGs in the game. There’s even fleeting poignant guilt in the sarcastic sidebar “I’m having remorse for all of this winning…. SIKE!

“Livin Like Sosa” is one of the more unreplicable, energetic rap songs to come out of the underground this year, and it just leaves me wanting more from the promising songmaker.

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