Essentials: “The Drive” – Skyler Cocco

At once catchy and yet reflective and insightful, Skyler Cocco’s “The Drive” is a wise addition to your playlist. Perhaps somewhat ironically, I can completely imagine this song playing in the background to a long post-COVID road-trip.

The elegant synth is immediately present, lulling a listener until the beat picks up that can only be described as intensely catchy. Cocco’s vocals really emphasize the rhythm, which makes it all the more compelling. In time, I could imagine myself singing along with ease.

In terms of lyric content, “The Drive” is more than a sing-a-long. It explores the period after a fight or other conflict where you need to take a moment to yourself to think about what happened and what you regret. Intensely relatable, “The Drive” is hopeful but vulnerable—a true gem to have emerged from quarantine.

A born and raised New Yorker, Skylar Cocco is a jack-of-all-trades, accustomed to writing, mixing and performing her own music. Self-taught in guitar, bass and piano, Cocco’s creativity and musical awareness is extremely present in her music, which draws from a wide variety of genres including synth-pop and alt-rock. Following her 2017 album release Reverie, she has continued to release a plethora of singles.

“The Drive” is out now on Spotify and wherever you get your music. Be sure to give it a listen.

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