Essentials: “Live a Little” – Chaz Cardigan

Chaz Cardigan is back with a fun, straight-forward track that will fill your day with positivity. Known for tracks that explore the nuances of life and have a distinctive pensive quality, “Live a Little” is a new and exciting direction for the artist.

“Live a Little” opens with a line all too familiar—“I got a million things to do”—but what transpires in both lyrics and melody is pure, unadulterated fun. The crescendo at 0:45 is an unleashing of what we all have inside—the potential for joy every day. In a time that feels so uncertain, Cardigan’s track is an anthem to remind us all to not only make use of the time we have, but to enjoy it without regret. Between the steady beat, the easy pop rhythm, and Cardigan’s catchy lyrics, you’ll be dancing around to this in no time.

The track has already gained attention in the trailer for Apple TV+’s Tiny World, an upcoming show narrated by Paul Rudd about nature’s little creatures which make a big difference. This is only the newest development for this already successful young artist, who arrived in Nashville ready to make music at just 17. A  classically trained pianist, Chaz debuted a critically acclaimed EP Vulnerabilia earlier this year.

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