Essentials: “Desperate” – Gillian Heidi

Singer-songwriter and pop are not traditionally wound together. But up-and-coming artist Gillian Heidi proves that it can be done. “Desperate” is the newest single off her upcoming album, 3AM, which is due for release later this year. 

Two tracks off the upcoming album have already been released: “High” and “Static.” But “Desperate” with its R&B influences is clearly the most compelling of the three. Where “High” relied on its lyrics to tell a story and “Static” posed this quiet modernity with its intriguing synth, “Desperate” boasts an incredibly moving and emotional arc through the track. 

It would be all too easy to classify “Desperate” as another track about broken relationships and longing, but this track is so much more. The beautiful piano chords—which harken back to “High”—coupled back with Heidi’s deep and fully-embodied voice gives this track a gravitas the other two tracks only deign to reach. Towards the end of the track, we get a heavier synth sound, which is just enough to add weight but not detract from the beauty of the track. Multiple genres and influences meld nearly seamlessly in this track, allowing listeners to lean into the trials and longing of a young woman, who seems to have experienced a lot more than the sixteen year old artist behind the work.  

Boston-based Heidi first arrived on the music scene with her debut EP, Unfiltered, last year. The album’s lead single “What It Felt Like” amassed 200k Spotify streams. If 2019 was an electric start, 2020 could be Heidi’s chance to take the music word by storm. 

“Desperate” is out now. Be sure to give it a listen. 

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