Essentials: “Monsters” – Kat Saul

In time of COVID-19 and other stresses in our world, it seems like the perfect debut time for a track entitled “Monsters.” The newly released single from indie artist Kat Saul is a pop ballad for our current age.

Saul describes the track as an exploration of adult fears—the move from childhood monsters like Dracula and zombies to truly grown-up terrors like mental health, toxic relationships, cutting trauma. In her words, the track exposes the reality that “real life is way more terrifying than the dark.” In 2020, that’s a sentiment that seems only too real. 

The track borders pop with its easily danceable beats. But its chorus hosts a beautiful explosion of synth that feels both appropriately dark and grimy. There’s a realism to the track both in sound and lyrics that grounds it in the current moment. Perhaps the star of the track is Kat’s voice and lyrics, both of which feel intensely raw. 

The Nashville native Kat Saul is known for crafting music that is both emotional and just a good dance tune. “Monsters” straddles this balance perfectly in the current space we are experiencing. 

“Monsters” out on Spotify and other streaming platforms now.

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