Essentials: “For All” – So Durand

After a three year break spent furthering his craft—amongst other feats including studying law and becoming a father—So Durand is back with his new single “For All.”

This track is significantly different from “LoveUs,” the producer’s dark, entrancing track released in 2017. “For All” is a melting pot of jungle and club music arrangements with abrupt tempo changes that catch the listener’s attention.

With this release just being a teaser for upcoming project Miserable Fortune, this track serves as concrete evidence of the effort and passion the Ottawa producer puts into his craft as an experimental artist. The instrumental track builds into a crescendo of syncopated percussion with a steady bassline to balance the introduction of snare and flute, which builds up to the influx of horns near the middle of the track. The sudden tempo change blended into the second minute of the track is surprisingly smooth in a way that showcases the producer’s impressive talent of transitioning between tempos and genres.

“For All” is a hard hitting track that constantly evolves, never falling into a rhythmic rut. If this track is said to be a teaser for Miserable Fortune, I can’t wait to hear what comes next.

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