Essentials: “All or Nothing” – VAANCE & Meggie York

VAANCE has teamed up with Meggie York for his new single “All or Nothing,” available now. The track is a beautiful synth-pop exploration of relationships and longing for the unattainable—of “everything you ever wished for.” 

With easy strumming and Meggie’s deep vocals to start, “All or Nothing” starts out easily and rather pensive. Chimes add a little bit of magic as the melody picks up and the we enter the chorus. By a minute in, we are thrown into a thick cacophony of synth more befitting of a club. Danceable and up-beat, but not overwhelming, “All or Nothing” is a solid pop song made unique through the vibrant synth. 

VAANCE and Meggie York previously collaborated on “Over U” earlier in June. The strength of that pop-synth collaboration carries into this new track, but the mixing in “All or Nothing” feels a little more complex if only because of the percussive synth that really grounds the latter half of the track. 

“All or Nothing” is available now via AESTHETE. Be sure to give it a listen and it to any feel good pop playlist! 

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