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Saint Audio Mixes #035: Bandeauxx

Bandeauxx‘s futuristic rap and dancehall beats are a must-listen, which is why you’ll want to tune into the producer’s guest mix. We spoke with Bandeauxx about his music and his guest mix. Listen to the mix and read our interview below.

Hi there! Tell us a little more about yourself. 

I make and perform music as Bandeauxx as well as produce, DJ and write songs for other artists.

Who, or what, do you draw inspiration from musically? 

Vocally: Drake, Kanye West, Vybz Kartel, Jay-Z, Missy Elliot

Production: Baauer, Keys N Krates, Just Blaze, Pharrell/The Neptunes, Timbaland

Walk me through the process of making this mix. How long does it take you to make a mix? 

Not too long depending on what the mix is for, what the mood is, where I’d want to play the mix outside of my studio!

What was the motivation behind the song choices?

The motivation was giving listeners an idea of what I’m listening to lately, songs that get me into a creative zone, what I’ve been doing lately, people I’ve been talking to and spending time with.

Is it ever challenging to be creative? How do you get past creative roadblocks?

Creative challenges come up here and there, you could think of them as the price of working in a creative path. My workflow includes juggling multiple projects at a time (writing, recording, going through samples) so it’s really easy for me to not stay stuck at one point for too long. If anything, I work around the situation as opposed to powering through something. 

What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve received as a musician? 

Cash up front!

I think one of the reasons people generally like working with me is that I’m realistic about money & art working together in harmony as opposed to (for instance) money getting in the way of the art. We have to all do our part to dispel the “starving artist” myths.

Do you have any new projects on deck?  

Glad you asked! Right now I’ve got two EPs with very different sounds being sold on Bandcamp.  One’s more EDM-influenced rap (True To Form) and the other is more of a lo-fi take on dancehall music (Steady State). The music I’m working on now is for TV & film projects and along with that, I’m working on more collaborative projects with visuals. 

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