Essentials: Honey Dijon Debuts Remix of Alewya’s “Sweating”

In a summer where most of the world has closed down all clubs and cancelled all festivals, there is nothing I miss more than being on the dancefloor amongst a mass of people. As many of us are still in quarantine, I find myself heavily relying on club music to keep me sane, listening as I fantasize about all the clubs I’ll one day be able to dance in again. UK producer and musician Alewya recently gifted us with “Sweating”—the perfect quarantine summer track that sums up my nightclub nostalgia. Lucky for us, Honey Dijon has blessed us with an extra gift with her remix of “Sweating” that’s a perfect combo of Alewya’s sultry voice and lyrics with Honey’s signature sounds of underground house.  

Honey Dijon

Honey puts us in an upbeat rhythmic trance that immediately beckons us to the dancefloor as Alewya sings “The sweat is drippin / I’m here to drown / The drive is up / My guard is down / My freak feels safe in your arms right now”. The upbeat spin on this track takes the song from turning up the heat to being on fire on the dancefloor, like an adrenaline rush you get from matching your movements to the music. Honey curates the lyrics in her remix to focus on the lyrics “rhythm / sound” which is the heartbeat of any song. Like the rhythm of two bodies in harmony with the sound of their heartbeats, we are taken away from our confined spaces and pulled into the promise of an endless, sexy, sweaty nightlife. 

Stream Honey Dijon’s “Sweating” remix, and follow Alewya and Honey Dijon on Spotify.

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