Essentials: “Underneath” – Gracie and Rachel

To tease their new album Hello Weakness, You Make Me Strong, Gracie and Rachel are releasing new video for their track “Underneath” off the upcoming album. Featuring a light and airy feel with intoxicating vocals, “Underneath” is sure to become an essential addition to any pensive playlist. 

Two Californians in New York, Gracie and Rachel have established themselves as a music duo exploring duality in their art. You might remember them from their November 2017 NPR Tiny Desk concert, which lauded them as #4 of NPR’s favorite new artists. Their self-titled album and lead track “Only a Child” compelled ears with its effervescence. Their new single retains the vibe and feel from this concert, but updates it subtly so it’s no less compelling or enigmatic. 

“Underneath” is a dizzying musical number that gets at the universal questions of who we are. Against the backdrop of the video featuring the artists stripping out of various outfits, the track feels intensely human. The very early shots of the desert at dawn are accompanied by easy chords that strum at our attention. The somewhat shaky cuts from one girl to the other only underscore the relatability to the track. The lyrics are remarkably thoughtful and evocative—inviting listeners to consider the layers we all have to our person—as echoed through the vocals. The crescendo at 50 seconds in leads to a beautiful cacophony of subtle piano cords and violin that quickly become the core of the track, creating something both modern and vintage at the same time. 

In short, Gracie and Rachel have a very idiosyncratic style that continues to show through and develop in “Underneath”. The very soft, subtle way they have of making music is truly transformative and I found myself listening to the track easily on repeat. Good for listening while working or just chilling, Gracie and Rachel are an indie duo you’ll want to add to your song queue right away. 

“Underneath” is available now. In the meantime, check out their Tiny Desk concert to see what you have to look forward to from this exciting musical team. 

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