An Interview With: LGBTQIA+ Aussie Trailblazers Cub Sport

Before the release of their new album LIKE NIRVANA, Cub Sport chatted with us about their new music and creative process.

What was the inspiration for “Drive” and how did you go about realizing that in both the song and the video? 

I’d been playing the main synth/guitar line on piano for a couple of months, then one morning in December when Bolan and I were hanging in our home studio, he played that part on our Alesis synth and it felt so nostalgic to me, like “True Colours” [by Cyndi Lauper] vibes. He recorded it into a session then ran to the shops and I think I’d written and recorded basically all the vocals by the time he got back. So I guess the inspiration was just a feeling/emotion and I let that guide the song. We had a much bigger-scale music video that was gonna have performance shots in the back of trucks and LOOKS but we had to pull something together kind of last minute so we just took our handycam to the park and took a bunch of footage. It’s admittedly very cute, borderline too cute but I feel like it portrays the warmth of the song perfectly. 

What can we look forward to from you for the rest of the year? 

Lots more new music! We’ve just put out a new video for our recent single, “I Feel Like I Am Changin”. We made the video ourselves again—this one is less of a home video vibe but still completely DIY. Our fourth album LIKE NIRVANA is coming out July 24th which we’re really excited for! It’s hard to know exactly what the back half of the year is going to look like but we’ll be keeping ourselves busy making things and hopefully working on some new music too.

How does it feel to be representing the LGBTQIA+ community in music? 

It feels good! I adore the LGBTQIA+ community and I’m so proud to be a part of it. There’s increasingly more great queer representation in music and I’m really happy that we get to be artists at this point in time. 

There’s a very home-spun feel to the “Drive” music video. Why did you choose to create the video in this manner? 

Totally! It was kind of out of necessity because we had to cancel our video shoot last minute but it also suits the vibe of the song so well, it just felt right I guess.

“Drive” is a very positive and hopeful track. Especially considering the current difficult situation in the world, is creating hope something you aspire to do with your art? 

It makes me really happy that Cub Sport can bring hope to people. It isn’t necessarily something I consciously think about when I’m writing and recording—I’ve tried to force positive vibes in songs before when I wasn’t feeling it and it just wasn’t a vibe. LIKE NIRVANA exists in both the light and the shadows; a lot of the album is about life over the last year, which has been wild in good and bad ways. Parts of it are written from a place of feeling kind of hopeless but all together, the album is definitely uplifting.

How do you feel “Drive” fits in with the larger collective of your work? 

Sonically it’s kind of in its own world; it’s one of our more acoustic-sounding songs, but in saying that it also sits perfectly alongside the rest of our music. There’s a common thread in the vocals and the overall energy across most of our songs that ties them together even if they’re completely different styles.

Can you tell us about your upcoming album, LIKE NIRVANA? 

It’s 13 tracks in total, and a start to end listen feels somewhat like an ascension to me. It’s like a beautifully depicted version of what the last year has felt like. There’s been a lot of love, beauty and magic in little day-to-day moments as well big moments,. It’s been exciting, but there have also been things I’ve found really hard and there are parts of all of that on the album. The world is changing so quickly and I feel like I’ve changed so much in the time of writing these songs. This album has been like a portal to the next part of my life and it feels really good.

Acceptance and freedom seem to be themes across your work. Can you talk a little more about that?

I guess learning to accept myself has been somewhat of a journey and our albums all reflect different stages of that journey, not necessarily linearly, but I feel like there’s a greater sense of freedom with each album.

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