Essentials: “Can’t Fall In Love Again” – Yano

In recent times, I have found myself leaning on more on easy, uplifting music. And I was pleased to find joy in Yano’s “Can’t Fall In Love Again.” Despite the title, Yano’s newest track is peppy, upbeat and so fresh. A celebration of love gained and retained, “Can’t Fall In Love Again,” is a breezy track composed of calm and cool instrumentals, and soul and R&B sound that easily plays homage to New Orleans, Yano’s home-base. 

With a dreamy start, “Can’t Fall In Love Again,” is skillful mix of guitar, drums and keyboard that seems just ooze easily from one ear to another. With an almost 70s vibe but also a modernity brought on by honest joy of the lyrics and the horns that appear in the chorus. Chill and laid back, this track is an essential to any easy listening or upbeat playlist. 

Yano describes the song as a long time coming since he first penned it in a college course called the ‘History of American Music.’ Hopelessly in love in 2016, the melody retraces these memories effortlessly. Entrancing and uplifting, “Can’t Fall In Love Again” is one sure to get you feeling good. 

“Can’t Fall In Love Again” is available now. Be sure not to miss this one! 

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