Support Black Artists and Buy On Bandcamp June 5th

On Friday, June 5th, Bandcamp will waive all fees on any sales made on the website, so that your money goes directly to artists. Many artists and labels are choosing to utilize this day to further their support for the Black Lives Matter movement by donating the money they make from these Bandcamp sales.

If you are looking for alternative ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as provide direct relief to Black artists and musicians, be sure to buy music on Bandcamp on Friday, June 5th.

Bandcamp shares that “[t]his Friday, June 5th, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time, we’re waiving our share of sales to support artists impacted by Covid-19. Below you’ll find a list of artists and labels preparing special releases for Friday, including those donating their share to organizations in support of racial justice and change.

Scottish label LuckyMe tweeted that they will be donating “all the labels proceeds from bandcamp-day… to the Black Lives Matter. We understand this is a small gesture and that to address these issues means honoring long term support of this cause.Ninajirachi and Ryan Hemsworth will be donating proceeds from their work to causes focused on racial justice as well.

Bandcamp compiled a list of artists and labels donating proceeds, as well as special merchandise made for tomorrow’s fee-free sales. You can read that list on the Bandcamp website.

Finally, to truly support Black musicians, use your money to buy Black and spend your dollars on music made by Black artists. A quick list of just a few Black musicians with Bandcamp pages can be found in this Google Sheet. However, we encourage you to do your own digital version of digging in the crates, and find music from Black artists you love.

Visit Bandcamp to start buying music.

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