Essentials: “Cycles” – SNSES

SNSES is out with a new track, titled “Cycles”, for listeners to enjoy. Immersive and consuming, “Cycles” envelopes listeners in a mystical cornucopia of sounds. The very first lyrics suggest being inside a mind, and that’s exactly how the track feels: as though one is on a thoughtful, intricate journey of internal thoughts.

Released on May 15th, “Cycles” is the result of SNSES’ skillful mix of synth and pop sounds, layered with the charming vocals of Karra to ground the track into a relatable, human experience. Careful examination of the lyrics reveals a song about breaking free from unhealthy relationships. The cycle imagery fits perfectly within this context.

While it might be a slow and airy start, “Cycles” is an immersive, thoughtful track that will captivate both your mind and your senses while exploring deeply human questions about relationships and mental health.

SNSES, or Corey Vejar, is a young musician and producer from Los Angeles. Classically trained in violin and clarinet, SNES develops music to experience human emotions very deeply through careful soundscapes. It’s a project he’s had for the last six years as he strives to connect with listeners on a human level.

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