Essentials: “Wanna Get Away” – Disco Shrine

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Disco Shrine has been paving her way in the LA music scene for a couple of years now, and she has since become the city’s pop sensation. Also known as Persian Barbie, our pretty-in-pink princess has a happy and bubbly aesthetic like no other. From spinning at indie-pop party Dance Yourself Clean, to raising awareness for immigrant rights through songs like “Up in the Air”, Disco Shrine is able to use the happy and upbeat sounds of pop music to tell the most personal and intimate stories about her life and the world around her. 

With her latest release “Wanna Get Away”, Disco Shrine shines a light on the effects of isolation during the worldwide pandemic that we are all currently facing. Isolation during these times can make us feel desolate, but it can also be a time to reflect on the things we have taken for granted. Disco Shrine invites us to practice gratitude by using our imagination. Using our imagination as a form of escapism, Disco Shrine takes us away to her favorite places around the world, cherishing all the things she’s been able to experience in her life. The song shines a light of hope at the end of our quarantine tunnel, reminding us to never take any moment for granted.

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