Essentials: “Roses” – Lily Lyon

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Lily Lyon is a brazen Brazilian born and raised in New Jersey. Her diverse background and multicultural upbringing is reflected in her music, with songs like “Bomba” and “Boy” where she infuses Brazilian beats with American pop/rock sounds. Lily is an explorative musician/singer/songwriter who will release a song completely different from the last, always keeping you on your toes. “Roses” is an introduction to a more vulnerable side of Lily Lyon. 

“Roses” is an emotional ballad about a breakup and the journey of self-healing that ensues. The first half of the song is like ASMR for heartache, with a soft acoustic guitar and a somber voice breaking down our inhibitions. As we find ourselves enveloped in our emotions, Lily breaks the trance with a bellowing sigh as she roars into a grungy heavy guitar riff and regains her strength through a powerful crescendo. Lily’s lyrics are like a handwritten love letter to herself that balances the sadness of loss with the hope of a new beginning. As she looks inward, Lily reminds us that a breakup is not an end-all to ourselves, but a chance for us to rediscover who we are.

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