Essentials: “Sit Like a Flamingo” – Half an Orange, Disero, and Josh Bogert

Going off the title alone, “Sit Like a Flamingo” might not make it to the top of your must-listen-to playlist, but upon pealing it open I have been pleasantly surprised. The track is a collaboration between three artists: Half an Orange, Disero, and Josh Bogert. In a time where we really need collaboration, this track feels like a seamless integration of the three artists’ styles. 

From the first moment it opens, “Sit Like a Flamingo” has a relentless positive energy about it. The initial lyric “We could pack our bags tomorrow/leave all our sorrow/see where this road goes/maybe San Diego,” which starts immediately, sets this intimate scene of an escape to a better, more exciting place. Layered behind the synth sounds the ticking of a clock, only adding to the suspense. But at the explosion of peppy cords, we are advised to “take it one ride at a time.” Over the chorus and the regular beats and over-arching synth, the product is a light, danceable song that reminds us to savor the moments we have in front of us. 

The minds behind this positive track are all worthwhile in their own right. No stranger to collaboration, Half an Orange has over 6 million streams on Spotify and has worked with WRLD, Ephixa and Blonde Maze. Disero has released music with STMPD, Monstercat, Warner and Armada. With over 15 millon streams on Spotify, he has remixed Linkin Park, Great Good Ok Fine, and Mutemath. Finally, Josh Bogert may be best known for appearing in 60 episodes of Backstage, but has also amassed a 150K+ online following and 1.5 million YouTube views. With 10+ songs slated for 2020, he is one to watch. 

In a time, we were desperately need some optimism and gratitude, enter “Sit Like a Flamingo.” It’s a track that is sure to brighten your day. 

“Sit Like a Flamingo” is out now on Monstercat. Be sure to check it out. 

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