Essentials: “Know Yourself” – Jay Robinson and Idris Elba

Thumping 4×4 bass, a hypnotic melody, and commanding vocals comprise Jay Robinson‘s latest, the mau5trap-released single “Know Yourself”. Jay Robinson’s been churning out heady house tracks like “Nineteen81” and “LSD” for a minute, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he caught the ear of both deadmau5 and Idris Elba.

Yes, you read that correctly—Idris Elba. Elba’s a triple threat: not only is he a talented actor, he’s a skilled DJ and producer as well. In his 2019 Netflix series Turn Up Charlie, viewers got a chance to hear some of his beats and see him behind the decks, but he’s been on the music scene way before that. Elba released his first EP all the way back in 2006, and started DJing before then—meaning he knows his stuff. In short, an Idris Elba co-sign is as monumental as a deadmau5 one.

Idris Elba’s assertive vocals are an insistent message of empowerment that’s equal parts sexy and mysterious, with a prowling synth melody from Jay Robinson amping up the tension in the song. “Know Yourself” is a strong showcase of both Jay Robinson and Idris Elba’s talents, and is sure to get rinsed in your favorite DJ’s digital set this summer.

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