Essentials: “Complica8ed” – Taylor Grey

Singer/songwriter Taylor Grey has launched a new single and video for “Complica8ed”. Bookended by the image of a bride running through the desert with a pink retro telephone in search not of her groom, but of her true love, “Complicat8ed” is a very successful pop song. Arguably, more commercial than her previous work. 

“Complicat8ed” brought on producer Imad Royal, which might explain the new tone. But regardless of origin, the track is one that shows great growth for Grey. This is her first video release since 2017 and it’s a strong comeback with the artful imagery of a relationship over time. In particular, the use of film negatives and fuzzy images give a strong sense of nostalgia. Additionally, the flashback portions feature darker colors—green, black and blue—while the present is drenched in natural light of the desert. This suggests a clear passage not only of mind, but of thought and personal growth. 

As for the track itself, it hits the ground running with Taylor’s captivating voice and by 25 seconds in, she is joined by powerful synths and a classic pop rhythm. The chorus is deceptively simple, making it an excellent track for both a long drive and a night out. It’s a song that doesn’t seem like it’s trying too hard. Indeed, it flows easily into a pop playlist and that’s what’s so great—it’s effortless. 

Taylor first got into music in 2016 while starting at Stanford University. Her debut EP GREY was featured on Spotify and supported by iHeart, Just Jared, and YSBNOW. Her work is known for being playful but also emotional. This past year she spent touring internationally with groups including the Vamps, Why Don’t We and the New Hope Club

While I have to admit the title “Complicated” with the figure 8 reminded me at first of Avril Lavigne’s first single “Complicated” off her 2002 album Let Go, Taylor Grey’s “Complicated” is more pop-influenced and has a little bit of a fairytale quality in its imagery. While the notion of complicated relationships is a universal one, and Grey may have simply spun out another pop song, crafting something commercial is a talent and this is a very successful pop song that I believe could even make it on the radio. 

The video for “Complicated” is available on YouTube and the audio track on Spotify or wherever you get your music. 

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