Essentials: “I Just Wanna Sleep” – Justin Jay and Josh Taylor

Produer Justin Jay has recently released a new single off the upcoming Everything Will Come Together Pt. 2, “I Just Wanna Sleep,” with Josh Taylor. This follows lead single “Stop,” a collaboration with Tima Dee. But while “Stop” had a clear upbeat rhythm and a dance beat, “I Just Wanna Sleep” is decidedly laid-back—a vibe echoed in the cover in which the horses featured in “Stop” now inhabit a tropical paradise. 

It’s easy to be swept into this carefree world when listening to “I Just Wanna Sleep”. With its easy bass and guitar melodies accompanied by soft, easy vocals, this track quickly transports listeners to somewhere calm and easy-going. According to Justin, the song was birthed in his bedroom and it does have a quality that perfectly evokes that feeling in the morning when we desperately want to lie-in. 

The track is able to easily mix together both artists’ styles from Justin’s dance aesthetic to Josh’s more laid-back writing style. But what makes the track stand out is the keyboard, which is very prominent throughout. In Justin’s own words they were given a “janky keyboard” and that helps to create the unique sounds in the track. It’s not the typical track from a DJ, but rather something that embraces experimentation within its easy-going tone. 

Los-Angles born Justin Jay is known for risks and experimentation in his music, which is evident in I Just Wanna Sleep. This single follows up successful albums Home (2017) and Everything Will Come Together Pt. 1 (2019). As a label head, Justin not only creates but also curates music, including work from Benny Bridges and Sam von Horn

“I Just Wanna Sleep” is available through Justin’s own imprint Fantastic Voyage, and is out now on Spotify and other streaming channels. 

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