Vincent Antone Brings The Funk To Texas On No Turning Back EP

I can never resist hearing the latest music out of Texas. So, I was glad to learn of Vincent Antone’s newest EP, No Turning Back. Vincent is well established in the Austin area. With this EP, the rest of the country will be paying attention too. What Vincent has created is something truly different and unique: a cacophony of sounds that brings in funk, hip hop, bass, and of course, synth. 

As soon as I turned on No Turning Back, I knew I was headed to a different place, both musically and emotionally. The opening track “Looking Ahead” has this incredible positive energy to it that immediately evokes classic funk. Yet with its modern rhythm, it doesn’t feel dated. The titular, “No Turning Back” introduces light lyrics and the strong beat traditionally associated with soul. There’s a heaviness to this track that does suggest a turning point and it is a more weighted sound than the opener, but it does main a connectivity through its musical elements. At four and a half minutes long, I do think “No Turning Back” could have been trimmed down a bit due to its repetitive elements. “Atomic” brings in a wonderful guitar riff that shows off Antone’s experience as a Southwestern artist. In addition to this, a piano also plays a prominent role. In this way, the track is a masterful expression of how more classical instruments can be mixed together with modern beats to produce something both catchy and different. Finally, “Funky Business” brings on Steven Sullivan for a track that is a pure celebration of what funk means in the twenty-first century. 

In short, No Turning Back is a fun, positive and creative EP that’ll leave you wanting more of Antone’s sharp, genre-bending tunes. So, I invite you to jump in the car, as depicted on the EP cover art, and give Vincent Antone a listen. 

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