Essentials: “Clementine (Juuku Flip)” – Módl

juuku is one of my favorite artists in the electronic music scene right now. If you haven’t heard of him yet, get ready to—he’s collaborated with Yetep and Squired, flipped Flume and Porter Robinson, and steadily released his own original songs. juuku’s indelible sound is like a melancholy memory brought back to life, with lush layers of instrumentals offsetting glitching, staccato synth stabs and drums that barrel forward with urgency. His flip of Módl‘s “Clementine” follows this pattern, but adds a new sense of softness in juuku’s production. Piano chords are like a gentle breeze among the sun-faded synths and warped, hazy vocals from Módl. “Cinematic” is a term that’s overused when describing dance music, but in this case, it absolutely applies. The drama of the unprocessed instruments (piano and violin) add even more weight to the huge, crashing wave that breaks the song apart from the ghostly verses.

Listen above, and follow juuku on SoundCloud.

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