Essentials: “Pearl Jigsaw” – Ekcle

Ekcle sends listeners orbiting in outer space with the otherworldly, experimental funk track “Pearl Jigsaw”. The early use of erratic sampling and hopscotch-like synths call KOAN Sound to mind, but “Pearl Jigsaw” takes a variety of intergalactic, head-spinning turns during its nearly six-minute runtime. Ekcle balances on the precipice of so many genres, and the Bristol-based duo’s ability to condense a wide variety of influences into a single song makes “Pearl Jigsaw” worthy of repeat listening. The multi-dimensional sound really pulls you into the world of the song, with bright comet streaks of guitar piercing against the introspective, expansive movements of the piece.

Stream “Pearl Jigsaw” and follow Ekcle on Spotify.

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