Essentials: “Two Dreamers (feat. Unmo)” – Exitpost

The Japanese influence is unmistakable in New York producer Exitpost’s new single “Two Dreamers,” featuring Unmo. It was a project that began in Tokyo at his grandmother’s house, where the artist was reviewing the family’s record collection. 

The song bubbles as it comes to life in the first 10 seconds. The first lyrics are sung in Japanese. To an English listener, this may give the track a faraway feel, yet there’s something universal in the singer’s voice. The instrumentals that follow about a minute in are soothing and inviting. United with ethereal synths, the track is able to tap into a listener’s empathy and experience, inviting us to create an bridge between our own lives and that of other people and cultures. 

The track itself was inspired by recurring childhood dreams of being stranded and unable to return home. Born in Tokyo and raised in New York, Exitpost really explored the definition of “home” in this track, and his experience of two homes.

The video that accompanies “Two Dreamers” is a beautiful expression of these themes. Directed by Lee Arkapaw, the cartoon style of the images is skillful and engaging while images of sushi, swimmers, and cyclists remind us of the universal every items and tasks that add up to our lives; yet these can be very personal and representative of culture. 

Exitpost’s previous work has appeared in NestHQ and TinyMixTapes. Additionally, he has toured the US, Canada, and Japan. 

The “Two Dreamers” single and video is out now, while Exitpost’s full album is expected to release on December 12th. Give it a listen or check out the video today!

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