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Halloween 2019 Part IV: A Chill In The Air

I’ve always been afraid of the dark. Even as an adult, I have a tough time sleeping without a light on.

In my childhood home, there was a long hallway that stretched from my room on one end, and my parents’ on the opposite end. At night, I was terrified to walk from my parents’ bedroom to my room—my dark bedroom felt like a cavernous void waiting to swallow me up. My six-year-old mind would race with thoughts of what could be lurking in the darkness; it felt as if a shadowy demonic presence was always just out of sight.

Though we left that house behind many years ago, entering a pitch-black room still fills me with a sense of dread. It feels like someone, or something, will seize that moment of vulnerability. In that split second before I flip the light switch on, a chilling realization runs through my mind—I could be prey to a predator I can’t even see.

The final selections for this year’s Halloween playlist are an attempt to capture that anxiety of the unknown. Listen to them, and think about the child-like fears that hang over us like unwelcome specters, haunting us as the years go by.

Halloween 2019 Part IV Selections:
“I Got 5 On It (Tethered Mix)” – Michael Abels and Luniz
“Every Breath You Take” – Chase Holfelder
“Ribbon On Neck” – Karen Gwyer
“Ghost In A Kiss” – Clams Casino and Samuel T. Herring
“Holy Error” – Sote

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