Essentials: “Puppy Llama” – Coast Modern

LA duo Coast Modern‘s “Puppy Llama” is a lighthearted, fuck-it anthem of sorts. With its nonsensical title and iPhone-recorded vocals, Coast Modern’s new single shows that the pair don’t take themselves too seriously. Guitarist Luke Atlas shares that “Puppy Llama” was “the working title for the track before we added words, and it felt so fun we couldn’t change it later.”

However, that’s not to say that they aren’t talented—despite a two-year hiatus, Coast Modern maintains over a million monthly listeners on Spotify. “Puppy Llama” marks their return, and is symbolic of the time that Coast Modern (Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp) spent working on improving their mental and physical health. Trapp claims that their new music’s ethos is centered around the “responsibility to get our minds and message together so we can send waves of unapologetic joy into the world.” Or, as Atlas says, “free your mind and save the planet but make it fun.

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