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Halloween 2019 Part III: In Love and Death

October tends to bring back nostalgic memories of trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and trading candies with your childhood friends. You can’t help but think of Halloween in pop culture from The Nightmare Before Christmas, to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” or horror movie marathons to celebrate the holiday season. Despite the festivities, Halloween is a reminder of the changing of seasons.

Summer love doesn’t always last forever, and fall has culminated in the ultimate ending of two lovers. The death of love has no season, but as the leaves change color and fall from the trees, we’re reminded about how a part of us must also die in order to bloom again.

These songs tell a story of the beginning of the end—a long romance that has reached the end of its wick and can no longer be sparked. It started off with empty promises and a fight between what was wanted and the reality. All the resistance could no longer be ignored, causing a change of hearts. It was time to face the end, as fearful as it was, and to witness the death of a once everlasting love. As we watched the candle slowly burn, we enjoyed the final moments of warm light before the flame went out and we were left in total darkness.

Post-mortem, the heart is left empty and there is no escaping it. This is the music we let our feelings drown in as we float into nothingness. Though this feeling eventually passes, for a moment we allow ourselves to embrace it all: the loss, the anger, the hurt, the rejection, the fear, and ultimately the acceptance. From allowing ourselves to feel the void, we are able to accept the unknown that lies ahead. As somber as we may feel, the end of an old life has given birth to a new one, and with it bears a promise of a new fire to fuel—our own. 

We fell apart in fall
We disappeared in the wind
The tree will grow new leaves again
We will start new lives again

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