Essentials: Skyfall EP – Dustycloud

After a few listens, I can comfortably say that Parisian producer Dustycloud‘s Skyfall EP is one of the best EDM-leaning bass house releases of 2019.

With Tchami’s meteoric rise over the last several years, many house producers now simply try to emulate his successful sound, and rightfully so. However, hearing slight variations on the same style over and over again gets exhaustive, so you can imagine my surprise when I tuned in to Skyfall and heard music that reinvigorates this genre.

Dustycloud takes things that I feel have been done to death in this EDM-house hybrid space, and injects a dose of adrenaline into all of them. There’s no filler here—just three incredibly tight tracks that drop you right into the action as soon as you press play. I love that each song on Skyfall feels cohesive, but not repetitive. From the big band influences and growling bass guitar on “Find A New Direction” to rip-roaring bass drop in “Mighty,” you’ll find yourself thrilled at each unexpected turn that Dustycloud takes.

About the EP, Dustycloud says, “As time goes on I continue to find myself experimenting with new things, pushing my vision of what house music can be. With three really different tracks, the Skyfall EP is a culmination of my journey as an artist up to now. Years ago I hit a point where I was ready to quit music, frustrated because I felt I couldn’t keep up with what other producers were putting out. Simply put, I felt like I was never going to make it. Then I came across this audio sample that said ‘just be yourself,’ and suddenly I was so inspired. Something about the timing, the way it appeared to me, the way it sounded, it spoke to me and it made me reflect on where I was at in life. It made me question why I had been using my years of learning music production to just follow trends and try to make what was popular. I decided it was time to make my own style of house music, and not give a f*ck about what other DJs were producing, this is where Dustycloud was born. The sentence became greatly influential not just in my music but in my personal life, too. I feel like its a positive message to spread through my music: don’t be scared of doing what you love, don’t be scared of not fitting in little boxes society tries to put you in, don’t be scared of being different. Just be yourself.”  Dustycloud

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