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Halloween 2019 Part II: Graveyard Tracks

Me & the Devil” – Soap and Skin

There is no eerier number than Soap and Skin’s “Me & the Devil” with its constant strings and deep vocals. So, open the door and say “Hello Satan.”

October” – Feverkin

The low humming voices of “October” combined with elegant strings and deep synth make for a haunting acoustic track that is a perfect backdrop to any Halloween bash. 

Killer Shangri-Lah” – Pshycotic Beats, Pati Amor

Viewers of Killing Eve will recognize this retro number with its broad beats and vintage vocals. But even without TV show fame, “Killer Shangri-Lah” belongs on any Halloween playlist because of how clearly it channels a psychopath. 

All the good girls go to hell” – Billie Eilish 

If you “want the devil on your team,” turn on Billie Eilish’s “all the good girls go to hell.” A low-key vibe with some creepy synths, this is an easy-listening Halloween track. 

Graveyard” – Halsey

Halsey’s catchy number proves that graveyards aren’t just for bodies. An infectious pop beat, “Graveyard” will lighten up your playlist while still keeping on theme. 

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