Essentials: “Bruises” – NGHTMRE & Grabbitz

Ten seconds into “Bruises” by NGHTMRE & Grabbitz, listeners are entranced by evocative vocals before the track explodes into a vibrant dance number with pulsing beats and catchy rhythms to keep you dancing all night. In the bridge, the lyrics come into focus to reveal a very emotional core to the music. 

“Bruises” is the result of a collaboration and partnership between two dedicated and genre-bending artists. Producer and songwriter Grabbitz is known for his proficiency across many instruments and combining them to produce new and exciting sounds. This mixture of instruments is evident in “Bruises,” especially in the drums and chord progressions. NGHTMRE is known for his sweeping vocals, which are a highlight of the track. Together, these artists were able to pull their talents and combine them into one exciting track. 

Out now on Ultra Music, “Bruises” is a great track for fall: emotional, evocative and danceable.

Stream “Bruises” on Spotify.

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