Midoca Is Blossoming As An Artist

Singer and producer Midoca‘s new single “Dry The Rose” explores the growth found through love lost. On the release day of his mau5trap debut, we caught up with Midoca about the creation of “Dry The Rose,” as well as what to expect from him next.

Your work crosses genre often. What’s your process for mixing together these different styles and influences?

I don’t really have a dedicated process to blending together alternative and electronic elements, it’s a little more automatic. I’ve always been inspired my a wide range of artists and styles. I’m drawn to the lyrics and vocal styles of more alternative artists like Julien Baker, Turnover, and Citizen but with production influences from Shlohmo, Jon Hopkins, and The Japanese House.

“Dry the Rose” seems to come from a very personal, vulnerable space and yet taps into emotions that are universal. How do you approach that balance in your work?

I feel like that’s a strength of mine —it only feels good writing and releasing music when a personal epiphany or realization occurs. The writing has to reveal something about myself, otherwise I don’t think i would feel much satisfaction from it, nor would any listeners care or understand it as much.

The title of a track suggests nostalgia and holding onto a memory. What is the role of the past and reflection in this number and in your work more generally?

Reflection and introspection are important tools to analyze behavior and improve yourself. I am always working on myself to become better for myself and others. Writing is a way to capture those feelings and memories. “Dry The Rose” is a memento of a time and a love, but is now something I can simply look back on and immortalize without becoming subjugated to old feelings.

What is your creative process like?

It’s always changing. My writing comes and goes in waves, but is somewhat deliberate. When I came back from tour earlier this year I sat in my room writing and producing, then finishing music until I had another body of work I was happy with; [it took] probably just under 3 months. I enjoy writing music everyday and always find that good ideas that once didn’t have an application often get recycled and brought back to the surface. “Dry The Rose” had been an idea for about a year, I only had a chorus idea initially. It got pushed to the back burner for a bit then rediscovered it on tour, where I wrote the verses and bridge and changed the production entirely. It was once a lo-fi idea with heavily effected vocals.

What do listeners have to look forward from you in 2019?

Without revealing too much, I’ve got a lot more music coming out, tour dates, merch, and even a visual piece in the works.

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