Essentials: Talk! EP – Duumu

If you need something exciting to talk about, Duumu’s new EP Talk! Is available on Monstercat. In just five tracks, Duumu is able to convey a mastery of genre mixing and fluidity. Sitting somewhere between jazz and rock with a healthy dose of creative synth, Talk! is worth listening to.  

The opening track “Blinded” quickly grabs a listener’s attention with an intoxicating lead-up over steady beats and haunting vocals. Just over a minute in, “Blinded” drops into house beats. But it’s the second track “Intentions,” featuring GLNNA, that really establishes the track as catchy and cross-genre. Peppy, danceable, and with soaring vocals, “Intentions” will reinvigorate your day.

Middle of the EP track “Tide” is a palette cleanser, soft and subtle, almost aromatic in the way it builds serenity before before the lyrics come in reminding “Don’t give up/You will get by…

This softness sets us up well for Duumu and EMIA’s titular song “Talk!” Bold and lively, “Talk!” seems to engage the listener more than any other track on the EP. “Feather” closes out the EP with a beautifully effervescent sound that quickly picks up the pace, an instrumental track that draws aspects of all the songs in the EP in way feels cohesive and offers closure.

Talk! shows a huge depth and range in the work that French producer and DJ Duumu is able to produce. You can buy or stream Talk! today, which is something that I would recommend. 

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