Essentials: Eyes Of The Jaguar (Remixed) – Bósa

LA house duo Bósa’s Eyes of the Jaguar EP gets the remix treatment from nine different producers. In Eyes of the Jaguar (Remixed), Bósa’s global music influences are celebrated and enhanced by remixes from The Invisible People, Drezza, Tygereyes, Faucon, Fadi, Sashuna, Doldrum Dubs, Date Modified Tomorrow, and Zodiak Iller. Instruments such as Turkish Oud, Japanese Shakuhachi, Taiko, Moroccan Santur, and blues guitar all appear in the work, making Bósa’s Eyes of the Jaguar (Remixed) a unique voyage across the musical world. Dark house rhythms, atmospheric trance, and liquid bass are just a few of the styles that these producers shape Bósa work into. The EP is mystic and meditative, yet maintaining a captivating flow energy.

Take a trip into Eyes of the Jaguar (Remixed) and explore Bósa’s universe of sound.

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