Premiere: “Milagro” – The Lagoons

If you’re down about the end of summer, have I got the track for you: “Milagro,” by The Lagoons. There is no lead-up—from the very first second, this is summertime happiness wrapped up in a single track. 

With mambo-esque beats and an early saxophone to lurk in listeners, the track boasts Latin and house music influence. Combine that steady rhythm with easy to get behind rhyming lyrics. Themes include “milagro down in Cabo,” “senoritas drinking margaritas,” tantalizing travel, the relaxed lifestyle of island existence, and “taking [one’s] time and thinking of tomorrow.” Genre-bending in the best way, “Milagro” will have you wanting to take the first boat out to the Caribbean to take your time enjoy the what’s left of the summer. 

The Lagoons are made up of the brotherly team with Ryan and Joey Selan, both of whom learned to play musical instruments—including trumpet, guitar, sax and piano—from a young age. They met up in Austin after attending their respective colleges and starting putting music together. Following the success of their debut single “California” with 35 million plays on Spotify, they are quickly picking up notoriety. While easy to listen to, The Lagoons have very much carved their own aesthetic while retaining humility as “two brothers doing what we love.” 

If this Austin-born brotherly duo are anything to go by, the best things really do come from Texas. But we knew that already.

“Milagro” is now available to stream, so stop over to wherever you get your music and give it a listen. 

Follow The Lagoons on Spotify.

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