Essentials: chapter 2 EP – girl in red

Marie Ulven, known as girl in red, is a 20 year old Norwegian indie artist that you need to know. girl in red’s been gathering traction thanks to her dreamy bedroom pop creations, and her new EP chapter 2 is full of catchy songs made gritty with plenty of reverb and lo-fi distortions. What makes girl in red particularly distinct is her earnest vocals—she’s able to find a way to bridge the gap between the style of modern indie pop that’s dominating Spotify (wispy, honeyed soprano vocals), and the kinetic, Tumblr-aesthetic sounds of the earlier part of the decade.

chapter 2 is an exemplary work, made all the more impressive with the knowledge that girl in red’s music is solely her own—every song is written, produced, and released by Ulven alone. Topics range from social anxiety to first love, with each song proving further and further that girl in red is a deeply skilled lyricist. She pens songs that feel more authentic and fleshed-out than most of her peers. Her talents shine brightest on “watch you sleep,” “i’ll die anyway,” and “i need to be alone”. Truthfully though, every single song is a standout.

If you listen to one new release this weekend, make it girl in red’s chapter 2—I promise you won’t regret it.

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