Essentials: Bad Ideas EP – Tessa Violet

It’s here: Tessa Violet’s Bad Ideas (Act One) EP is now available for streaming. I came across Tessa Violet primarily through her collaborations with other exciting up-and-coming artists, and consistently appreciated her voice and style so I was excited to hear what she would come up with on her own.

“Crush” opens the EP with addictive beats and interspersed ethereal chords followed up with a rhythmic and repetitive chorus. As evoked in the lyrics, “Crush” is about “playing it cool” while hoping for more. But there’s nothing wistful here, “Crush” is deliberate in its composition.

This is followed up by the bold “Bad Ideas.” A bouncing opening releases into a strong crescendo of harmony. This tenor and style is maintained throughout: a sound of fantasy and the dreams we reach for when faced with an untenable love. The track is a bubbly musical day dream.

Speaking of ideas we conjure in our heads, “I Like (the idea of) You” starts with more girth and is a grittier track than its predecessor. With more of a house beat, this song is strong and powerful.

The rest of the EP includes three remixes of the earlier tracks. “The Crush” and “I Like (the idea of) You” are more dance tracks, but are able to maintain the integrity of the original songs. The Lo-Fi remix of “Bad Ideas” meanwhile is softer, but more synth.

Bad Ideas (Act One) does not disappoint. I hope there’s an act two. Check it out today.

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