Album Review: 4201 – Mokita

Mokita’s album 4201 is soft, thoughtful easy listening that skillfully moves across the genres of pop, country and R&B.  Named after a street address where the songs were written, the EP is intimate and soulful, reflective of it was produced, each drawn from a moment this past year in the artist’s life.

The opening track, “More than Friends,” was written on acoustic guitar, which is immediately evident from the start. The soft melody is both fluent and fluid, with lyrics and style flowing naturally. Next, “ICLYA” comes in with snaps, setting the scene for the range of this artist by bringing in more synth and a stronger beat. “Til I Don’t” is continues this pace in a modern track continuing to question the staying power of relationships. In this way, the first half of the EP follows a stylistic build-up that crescendos on that third track.

To open the latter half, “I Still Do” brings it back more slowly with that characteristic acoustic guitar and a country sound. It’s pensive and moody in the best way. “Kiss & Tell” brings back the power of a good synth rhythm and house beat without losing the sensitivity that encompasses the album as a whole. “Inside Out” closes out the album with skillful guitar chords and light, reflective vocals.

4201is an extraordinary demonstration of depth and skill across genres. Mokita, born John-Luke Carter, is able to produce music that feels both modern and timeless. His classical training is evident throughout the track, very much a strength in this album.

So if you’re looking for something lyrical, thoughtful or just different, pick up Mokita’s 4201.

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