Essentials: “All My Friends” – Madeon

French producer Madeon releases a spontaneous music video for his single “All My Friends” off of upcoming sophomore album Good Faith. In a Facebook comment about the video for “All My Friends,” the artist said he “wanted to capture the social anxiety theme of the lyrics.”

The video is essentially a neon acid trip, depicting a group of friends hanging out in a crowded house, which is contrasted with shots of an isolated Madeon on a hillside with a cotton candy pink sky. The vibrant colours add a psychedelic feel to the video, which was directed by Madeon himself. He describes the whole production of the music video as ‘quick’ and ‘spontaneous.’ The latter adjective is highlighted in the music video at the very end with white text against a black screen: “Spontaneity is good.” I think this is a much needed reminder in this industry—where every teaser and release are planned down to the minute in an effort to increase statistics—that not every action has to be measured and optimised. Sometimes it pays off, other times it doesn’t. Madeon’s video is a beautiful example of creating something in the moment because he wanted to, not because metrics and insights told him that his audience would definitely love a neon acid trip (even though we definitely do). “All My Friends” is a great song, with a phenomenal music video and message; it is just another indicator that Good Faith will be worth the wait.

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